Based on M3 E92

Engine data:

475Nm/4.000 rpm/min.-1
V-max: 340 km/h


Petersport Aerodynamics
Front Spoiler from Carbon Fiber
Front Hood GTR from Carbon Fiber
Rear Bootlid CSL from Carbon Fiber
Rear Diffuser from Carbon Fiber

Petersport Motor Tuning
High Performance Air Intake System
284°/292° ° Sport Camshafts
ECU Optimalization

Petersport Exhaust System
100cpsi Race Metallic Converters
Center Pipes from Stainless Steel
Sport Silencers from Stainless Steel
with 4x83mm End-Pipes

Petersport Suspensions
Front: -25mm
Rear: -15mm

Petersport High Performance Brake System
Front 6-pistons Calipers with 380mm brake disc
Rear 4-pistons Calipers with 340mm brake disc

Petersport LM20“ Wheels
Front: Pirelli PZero 245/30-20“
Rear: Pirelli Pzero: 275/30-20“