Based on M3 E92

Engine data:

475Nm/4.000 rpm/min.-1
V-max: 340 km/h


Petersport Aerodynamics
Front Spoiler from Carbon Fiber
Rear Diffuser from Carbon Fiber

Petersport Motor Tuning
High Performance Air Intake System
284°/292° Sport Camshafts
ECU Optimalization

Petersport Exhaust System
100cpsi Race Metallic Converters
Titanium Sport Silencers with 4x90mm End-Pipes

Petersport Suspensions
Front: -25mm
Rear: -15mm

Petersport High Performance Brake System
Front 6-pistons calipers with 380mm brake disc
Rear 4-pistons calipers with 340mm disc

Petersport LM19“ Wheels
Pirelli PZero Tyres