Based on BMW M3 E36 3,0

Engine data:

370Nm/3.300 rpm/min.-1
V-max: 285 km/h


Petersport Aerodynamics
Front Spoiler GT Lips
Front Hood from CarbonKevlar
Rear Wing GT from Carbon
Rear BootLid from CarbonKevlar

Petersport Motor Tuning
Carbon Airbox w. K&N Sport Air Filter
ECU Optimalization
Sport Camshafts

Petersport Exhaust System
Racing Headers
Race Metallic Converters WRC
Race Silencer from Stainless Steel
2x83mm End-Pipes

Petersport Suspensions
3-way INTRAX Adjustable Suspensions

Petersport Brake System
Front: 6-pistons Calipers with 343mm Brake Discs
Rear: 4-pistons Calipers with 320mm Brake Discs

Petersport Wheels & Tyres
Front: Ultralight 18” with Michelin Slick 27/64-18”
Rear: Ultralight 18” with Michelin Slick 27/64-18”