Our small and specialised team of technicians utilises their acquired experience in the design, modification and realisation of BMW series cars. Petersport design is as individual as you are. We retain the car’s elegant looks while highlighting its sporting character and exclusive image.

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As our team is personal and flexible you are guaranteed that we will pay close attention to your individual needs. We are ready to respond to all yours inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Peter Zacek, the company’s founder, started his activity in the field of motorsport in 1997. A combination of race experience, an excellent team of technicians, a perfect engine, suspension and aerodynamic tuning, brought him to the champion’s stand in that very first year.

In 1999 he achieved the title of ‘Champion of the Slovak Republic’ on circuits in the “N” category with his BMW M3 (E36).
Building on these achievements and complementing his racing skills are: the research of technical and special exhibitions over the past few years; attending and participating in motorsport exhibitions; sourcing superior suppliers; and the testing of miscellaneous components.

We look forward to creating your ultimate car.

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Prijazdna 7/A, 831 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
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